Seven Benefits of Home Care

Resources for Families

Your mom and dad have lived safely and independently in their home for more than 50

years, but lately you’ve noticed things are a little off – there’s spoiled food in the fridge, mom’s hair is no longer perfectly styled and dad spends most of the day watching Gunsmoke re-runs.

Is it time to start thinking about moving them to an assisted living community?

Not necessarily.

“Many people still think that when mom or dad needs help with the activities of daily living, they need to move them to a senior living community,” said Sierra Goetz, co-founder and operations manager at Tudor Oaks Home Care’s partner,  the HomeCare Advocacy Network (HCAN). “For many families, in-home care is actually the better option – especially for those who don’t yet need the level of care provided in assisted living or skilled nursing communities.”

With the help of a trained, professional caregiver, seniors are able to:

Maintain their independence. While moving from the home to a senior living community may address your health and safety concerns, there is a downside –  especially for those who are still capable of living independently. Your senior loved ones may not like having set meal times, structured activities, etc.

Remain connected to family and friends. If your senior loved ones are able to remain in their home, it will be easier to stay connected with long-time neighbors, friends and family members. They can even host social events in their home, if they wish – something they likely won’t be able to do in a community.

Better manage medications. Keeping track of multiple medications can be challenging for seniors. An in-home caregiver can give medication reminders and make sure the medication is taken as directed.

Eat a healthier diet. From help with grocery shopping to meal preparation, a professional caregiver can ensure your aging loved ones are eating nutritional meals.

Keep their beloved pets. For health and safety reasons, many senior living communities don’t allow residents bring their pets. With home care, your pet-loving seniors can keep their furry friends while getting needed support from their caregivers.

Get customized care. From companionship and light housekeeping to personal and Alzheimer’s care, our caregivers deliver one-on-one services that meet the unique needs of your senior loved ones.

Save money. Assisted living and skilled nursing can be very expensive. At Tudor Oaks Home Care, we will work with you to create affordable, customized care plans that will provide the level of care your loved ones need – whether it’s a few hours a week or around the clock.

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