July 2022

Resources for Families / Resources for Seniors

Whether it’s playing a game of Scrabble with a grandchild or enjoying lunch with a best friend, there’s just something special about being around people you love.

“Socialization is important at any age, but it’s critical for older adults – especially for those who live alone,” said Sierra Goetz, co-founder and operations manager for Tudor Oaks Home Care’s partner, the HomeCare Advocacy Network (HCAN). “Research shows spending time with family and friends can boost a senior’s quality of life – including their physical and mental health.”

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Resources for Families

Mom can no longer keep up with household chores – beds are unmade, there’s expired food in the fridge and unopened mail on the counter.

Dad spends less time with his friends and more time sitting in his recliner.

Is it time to suggest in-home care?

“It’s never easy to admit that you need help with day-to-day activities — especially for seniors, because they worry it’s the first step toward losing their independence,” said Teresa Steinfatt, vice president of Business Performance at Tudor Oaks Home Care partner HomeCare Advocacy Network (HCAN). “While care conversations can be very challenging, it’s important to have them before a crisis occurs.”

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