Holiday Gift Ideas for Seniors

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Still searching for the perfect holiday gift for your senior loved ones?

We know that coming up with holiday gift ideas for older people can be challenging – especially if they insist they don’t need anything. So, we’ve compiled a list of useful items that might help them with everyday tasks and challenges – allowing them to remain safely in their homes as they age.


  • Voice-operated devices, like an Amazon Echo, that can play music, give weather forecasts, set medication reminders, and even control lights in the home. Some of these devices also have screens so they can make video calls.
  • A simple television remote that has large buttons and numbers – something that’s not as confusing as most devices.
  • A landline or cell phone that’s designed for older users – one that has large numbers and can easily be programmed with frequently called numbers.
  • Digital frames allow family members to upload photos from their mobile devices.
  • A robotic vacuum to help keep up with the cleaning without having to use a heavy, traditional vacuum cleaner.
  • Key finders are very useful gifts for seniors (or anyone, for that matter) who are always misplacing their keys.
  • A weather monitor that displays current conditions and the forecast – with a display that’s large enough to easily read.
  • A fitness tracker to help them monitor their activity and sleep.
  • A video doorbell that sends alerts to your loved one’s smartphone and allows them to see and speak to the person who’s at their door.

Kitchen Gadgets

  • Jar openers and hands-free can openers are great kitchen tools – especially for those who have poor grip strength.
  • Grabbers to help reach items on high shelves.
  • Measuring cups with extra-large type on handles and bottom of the cups.
  • Senior-friendly cookware that’s lightweight and easy to clean.
  • A Single-serve coffee/tea maker to replace kettles and pots that need to be picked up and poured.

Holiday Gifts to Make Life Easier

  • A power lift recliner for those who have trouble getting out of their favorite chair.
  • Button hooks to help with clothing and shoe horns and tools to help put on socks if it’s hard for them to bend over.
  • Pill organizers to help keep track of medications.
  • No-slip socks or slippers to keep feet toasty while preventing falls.
  • A massage pillow to help soothe age-related aches and pains.

Of course, the best gift of all is YOU… so, try to make time to visit, call, or text often during the holidays!