7 Signs Your Senior Might Need a Little Extra Help at Home

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She hasn’t said anything, but you suspect your mom is struggling to take care of herself and her home.

“Older people rarely ask for help. They’re afraid of losing their independence, and they don’t want to burden family members or friends,” said Sierra Goetz, co-founder and operations manager at Tudor Oaks Home Care’s partner, the HomeCare Advocacy Network (HCAN). “Unfortunately, that often means they’re not getting the help they need with things like housekeeping, meal preparation and personal care.”

So how do you know when it’s time to give mom a little extra help at home? Goetz advises looking for the following red flags:

Housekeeping neglect. Is the house messier and/or more cluttered than usual? Are dirty dishes piled in the sink? Is the bed never made? These are all signs of possible decline.

Evidence of poor nutrition. Take a look in the refrigerator. Are there fresh foods and veggies or microwave meals and canned peaches? Expired food is also a red flag.

Unpaid bills. If there’s a stack of unpaid bills or if you notice irregularities with bank statements, that could be trouble.

Medication mismanagement. Check pill bottles and organizers to see if there are too many or too few pills for the month.

Physical frailty. Everyone slows down eventually, but if your aging loved one struggles to get out of a chair or go up and down stairs, they may need assistance.

Personal care issues. Is your loved one wearing the same clothes? Has she stopped doing her hair, taking care of her fingernails or bathing? These may be signs she needs help with personal care.

Dings on the car. If you worry your senior should no longer be driving, check for unexplained dings or scratches on the car.

“At Tudor Oaks Home Care, we understand that family members and friends aren’t always available to help with day-to-day tasks. That’s where we come in,” Goetz said. “From light housekeeping to personal and memory care, our highly-trained, professional caregivers provide the assistance your aging loved ones need to age safely in their homes.”

If you suspect your loved one is struggling with self care, visit TudorOaksHomeCare.com. Our experienced teams will work closely with you to develop a care plan that meets your senior’s unique needs.